The Waiting Land - A Spell in Nepal


The Waiting Land is an exploration of Nepal by a feisty, generous-hearted young Dervla Murphy in the spring of 1965.  The third in a series of books tracing her involvement with the self-sufficient mountain cultures of the Himalayas, she is lured by the chance to work again with Tibetan refugees - this time a group of five hundred lodge in tents in the remote Pokhara valley. 

Once established in Kathmandu, and later at home in a tiny, vermin-infested room above a stall in a Nepalese bazaar, she falls under the spell of this ancient land, poised between East and West, between China and India, between Buddhism and Hinduism, yet true to its own distinct civilization.  Murphy's understanding of the roots of the Nepalese past, and her own stamina, culminate in an epic trek into the remove Langtang region on the border of Tibet.  

'... an extraordinary woman, and one of the great travellers of our time.' TLS

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