The Hill of Devi: An Englishman Serving at the Court of a Maharajah


The Hill of Devi chronicles Forster's infatuation, exasperation, fascination and amusement at this idiosyncratic court, leading us to its heart and the eight-day festival of Gokul Ashtami.  This festival marks the birth of Krishna, where we see His Highness Maharajah Sir Tukoji Rao III dancing before the altar 'like David before the Ark.''

A classic account of a vanished side of India that has never before been so graphically painted.' - Raymond Mortimer, Sunday Times

'I spent a lot of time laughing - it's so weird, and so very British and very Indian at the same time, and so much of what he writes feels very contemporary. For all these reasons, I really love this book.' - Damon Galgut

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