The Caucasus: An Introduction

In this new updated version of The Caucasus, Thomas de Waal introduces readers to this complex region. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the breakaway territories that have tried to split away from them constitute one of the most diverse and challenging regions on earth, impressing the visitor with their multi-layered history, ethnic complexity, and seemingly intractable conflicts. Over the last few years, the South Caucasus region has captured international attention again because of its role in disputes between the West and Russia, its unsolved conflicts and it's a role as an energy transport corridor to Europe.

De Waal begins with a historical overview, then focuses his attention on recent history, and in particular, on the three conflicts over Nagorny Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. De Waal analyses the energy politics of the region, the "Five-Day War" between Georgia and Russia and recent political changes in all three countries. In addition, the book features brief snapshots of fascinating side topics such as Georgian wine, Baku jazz, and how the coast of Abkhazia came to be known as "Soviet Florida." Short, stimulating and rich in detail, The Caucasus is the perfect guide to this fascinating and little understood region.
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