The Cabin in the Mountains: A Norwegian Odyssey


The holiday cabin, or hytte, is a staple of Norwegian life.  Turf-roofed and wooden-built, offering fresh air, breathtaking views and peaceful isolation, the hytte is a crucial part of Norwegian national identity.

In 2016, Robert Ferguson and his wife bought a piece of land high up in the Hardangervidda, and on it they built a cabin. As the cabin takes shape, Ferguson learns how native Norwegians have married a new-found urban affluence to their past as a tight-knit rural community-nation, and confronts his own ideas about the dream-tradition of the hytte, drawing an affectionate but unsentimental portrait of Norwegian culture, society and landscape.

'Singular and captivating: the pursuit of a dream' Professor John Carey

'An uncompromising journey into the dark cold north, to reveal the warmth that comes from deep community bonds' Tim Ecott

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