Sicily: through writers' eyes


Sicily, at the epicentre of the Mediterranean, has endured more than its fair share of invaders and Imperial viceroys.  It is a crucible of European culture, a place where the Phoenicians, Athenians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Habsburgs, Bourbons and Byzantines all flourished, producing some of their finest and most distinctive art and architecture.  Yet this always coexisted with a resilient indigenous culture, expressed in its own mythology, cuisine and wine as well as in its attachment to secret societies - from the Sicilian Vespers to the Mafia.

These influences, along with some ineffable island magic, have inspired many writers.  Novelist and travel writer Horatio Clare has, with his own passion for Sicily, chosen a kaleidoscope of enchanting tales, detailing the island through the eyes of princes and peasants, from Palermo to Syracuse, and from arrival to departure.



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