Porto: Gateway to the World

'I fell in love with Porto and I love it still. The city's spectacular bridges, its vertiginous riverbanks, steep with ancient buildings, the old port houses, the wide squares: I was entranced by them all.' J.K. ROWLING One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is recognised the world over for its wonderful Port wine.

Rising from the steep banks of the Douro (the river of gold) with picturesque pracas, churches and houses with colourfully tiled facades. Its ancient name Portucale forms the origin of the country - Portugal. Today, Porto is a vibrant commercial and cultural centre that is proud of its historic links to the outside world.

An essential read from one of the world's foremost writers on Portugal, Porto: Gateway to the World uses the beautiful buildings and landmarks across the city to take the reader on a journey through its rich history, from its origins right up to the modern era.
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