Morocco: In the Labyrinth of Dreams and Bazaars


While much of the Middle East is now engulfed in conflict and repression, Morocco remains a curious anomaly: peaceful and open to the West.

It has provided refuge for artists and writers for generations, and it remains an exotic destination for many curious travellers. The country has been influenced by an incredible variety of peoples - Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Berbers, Muslims, Jews, Europeans.

In "Morocco," Walter M.Weiss brings extensive knowledge of the region to bear as he travels the breadth and depth of the country's social and geographical contrasts. Berber villagers of the mountains are for the most part still illiterate and consider their king to be divinely chosen, while businessmen in Casablanca's towering offices dream of closer ties to the European Union.

Weiss visits the settings of modern legends, such as Tangier, as well as the two medieval centres of Fes and Meknes.  He sees earthen kasbahs and Marrakech's bazaar. On the way, he meets acrobats, Sufi musicians, pilgrims, craftsmen, beatniks, rabbis and Berber farmers.  

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