Light Years: A Girlhood in Hawaii


Susanna Moore cannot remember her first encounter with the sea – it has always been part of her life. She grew up in Hawai’i in the 1950s in a paradise of colour and light, a five-day voyage away from the US mainland.

As a child she used to spend the endless days of summer with a pile of books under the palm trees near the beach. She could hear the whisper of the sea every day, and in the books of the great storytellers – such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Joseph Conrad and Daniel Defoe – she found the stories that the waves and wind told her as she plunged into a world of literature.

This book is her recollection of that childhood in Hawai’i, walking barefoot to school, experiencing the adventures and sometimes dangers of island life and encountering the culture of the native Hawaiians. It is also an anthology of some of the greatest writing about the sea that has shaped her understanding of that world.

‘Moore’s premise is intriguing, and her prose elegant, with quick, vivid sketches of her island girlhood’
Publishers Weekly

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