A Journey into Russia


 When Jens Muhling met Juri, a Russian TV producer selling stories about his homeland, he was mesmerised by what he heard.  The real stories of Russia, said Juri, were more unbelievable than anything that could be invented.  The encounter changed Muhling's life, triggering a journey through the Ukraine and deep into the Russian heartland on a quest for the stories of ordinary, and extraordinary, people.

A Journey into Russia is a revealing glimpse into the Russian soul, uncovering a country whose contradictions, attractions and absurdities are still largely unknown to many people outside her borders.

"To understand the ambiguities, contradictions, absurdities and complexities of the Russian soul, the advice was always to read Gogol.  The advice now would be to read Jens Muhling.  There is a shock of discovery and a shot of pleasure on every page."

The Times 

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