Ethiopia Past and Present

Ethiopia’s astonishing breadth of cultural diversity 
is like no other in Africa. To the north, Orthodox Christian communities trace their lineage back to 
the 4th century. The Ethiopian Jews throw the net back further, to Menelik I, son of the legendary Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. The first generation of Muhammad’s followers are reported to have made the hijra journey to the Kingdom of Aksum in Abyssinia as early as AD 613, and the medieval walled city of Harar in the east is testament to the firm footing Islam found here in Africa. Meanwhile, 
to the south in the valleys watered by the Omo river, a plethora of diverse tribes celebrate traditional home-grown faiths whose origins are lost in the mists of antiquity.

Julie Green first went to Ethiopia in 1969. A guest of Ethiopian Airlines, she toured far and wide with her camera, her lens capturing remote tribal village and Emperor alike. It was not until recent years that she returned to photograph the nation anew. The fruits 
of both eras are held here in Ethiopia Past and Present, celebrating at once the ageless charm and the beauty of this land, and highlighting the enduring strength of tradition and heritage.
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