Derelict London

Look beyond Big Ben and past the skyscrapers of the Square Mile, and you will find another London. This is the land of long-forgotten tube stations, burnt-out mansions and gently decaying factories. Welcome to Derelict London - a realm whose secrets are all around us, visible to anyone who cares to look .

Paul Talling - the best-loved investigator of London's underbelly - has spent over fifteen years uncovering the stories of this hidden world.

He brings together 100 of his favourite abandoned places from across the capital: many of them more magnificent, more beautiful and more evocative than you can imagine. Covering everything from the overgrown stands of Leyton Stadium to the windswept alleys of the Aylesbury Estate, DERELICT LONDON reveals a side of the city you never knew existed. It will change the way you see London.
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