Armchair Explorer: The Best Music, Film and Literature from Around the World


Calling culture lovers: sample music, films and books from 120 countries without leaving your armchair. Perfect preparation for travellers or simply a satisfying journey into the unknown, this book lists the five most interesting books and movies from each country, plus its top ten tunes.

Be introduced to American jazz, French new wave cinema, Irish poetry and more.
Discover a little of each countries' life and soul through each recommendation by Lonely Planet's experts. In-depth double page spread features examine iconic genres, artists and movements from a variety of countries:Belgium: Tintin, England: The Beatles, France: New Wave Cinema, Germany: Love Parade, Portugal: Fado, Republic of Ireland: James Joyce, Cuba: Cuban Son Mexico: New Mexican Cinema, USA: JazzNew Zealand: Maori Renaissance, Japan: Anime, South Korea: K-Pop.

With coverage of countries that range from Argentina to Zimbabwe, this hardcover book is suited to travellers and culture enthusiasts, or as a great gift to inspire dreams of the next journey.

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