Alphabet of Animals


From Albatross to Zebra, Rose Corcoran's Alphabet is beautifully illustrated and celebrates the extraordinary variety of wildlife and biodiversity that exists alongside us .  Corcoran believes in making art for a purpose and intends her work to highlight the magnificence of the nature she depicts, but also the terrifying fragility of its existence.

As much as representing individual animals, she aspires to evoke the essence and the vitality of the species in each image as she works through her alphabet of animals. She includes poetry - from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, German folksongs and quotations from David Attenborough - to highlight our essential role in the intricate balance of the biodiversity of our planet.

While demonstrating how we as a species exploit wildlife and wild places for our survival, Corcoran's Alphabet, with its 26 beautiful animal illustrations, poses a serious question to the reader: Can we really allow this to happen?



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