7000 Islands


For Filipinos, food is more than a pleasurable pursuit; it is the cultural language of the Philippines. The people use food to apologise, woo a woman, ask a favour or say thank you. Filipino food can be seen through the prism of its unique and colourful history, with influences from Malaysia, Spain, China, Mexico, and the US adding to the cuisine's rich texture.

Divided into thirteen chapters with 107 recipes dipping sauces, breakfast, soups, everyday food, seafood, party food, barbecue food, rice and noodles, vegetables and salads, bar and finger food, snacks, desserts and drinks 7000 Islands is a beautifully illustrated guide to Filipino food and an insight into the culture and history of the Philippines. Unlike many Filipino cookbooks that assume a large degree of local knowledge, this book aims to fill the gaps for people who have never tasted or cooked the cuisine before.

7000 Islands offers a flavour-filled account of this wonderful country a land full of people whose love of eating is as big as their hearts and its cuisine.

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