The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe


When Douglas Rogers returns to Zimbabwe after several years away, he finds the country of his birth in chaos, and his parents' backpacker resort and game farm transformed into something between a Marx Brothers romp and the Heart of Darkness.  Marijuana has supplanted maize in the fields, hookers have replaced gap-year kids as guests; soldiers, spies and teenage diamond dealers down beer at the bar.  And beyond the farm gates, armed war veterans loyal to Mugabe circle like hungry lions.

The Last Resort is a gripping, edgy and at times hilarious roller-coaster tale of survival.  It is also a deeply moving testament to the love and loyalty inspired by Zimbabwe and her people.

'A memoir that is both funny and deeply moving - Roger's compassion, humour and frequent bemusement give this heart-stoppingly good book its life force' The Times

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