Kolkata: Recipes from the Heart of Bengal

Kolkata is an exhilarating city, considered the cultural capital of India, with a thriving, vibrant foodie reputation. Often called the 'City of Joy', Kolkata is an amalgam of old and new India, and due to the sheer variety of cultural activities on offer, it is said that Kolkatans really know how to enjoy themselves. The cuisine of West Bengal draws its influences from far afield, with historic Mughal, Chinese, Tibetan and British colonial elements (and many more) resulting in a unique food landscape that begs to be explored.

Famous for their love of fish, vegetables and desserts, Bengalis place great emphasis on eating well and their regional specialities are justly revered. In this book, Rinku Dutt shows you the best the city has to offer, with over 70 accessible, delicious recipes that can easily be recreated in any home kitchen. She tells the story of a city with energy and diversity, of multiple cultures and traditions, with ever-popular street food, a thriving restaurant and cafe scene, and the legacy of traditional family favourites handed down through generations.
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