Alone Time : Four seasons, four cities and the pleasures of solitude


Being alone isn't something to endure - it's something to relish.

The average adult spends about a third of his or her waking time alone.  Yet research suggests we aren't very good at using, never mind enjoying,alone time.

Rising to the challenge, travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom explores the joys and benefits of being alone in four mouth-watering journeys to the cities of Paris, Istanbul, Florence and New York, in four seasons.

This is a book about the pleasures and benefits of savouring the moment, examining things closely, using all your senses to take in your surroundings, whether travelling to faraway places or walking the streets of your own city. Through on-the-ground observations and anecdotes, and drawing on the thinking of artists, writers and innovators who have cherished solitude, Alone Time illuminates the psychological arguments for alone time and lays bare the magic of going solo.

'Full of heart.' Michael Harris, author of Solitude


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